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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I Scolded Yna Today!

After school I took Yna to Jusco AU2 as I wanted her to choose where she'd like her birthday party to be held. We were checking out the playland and fast food restaurants there.......

I have something in mind for the kids....

Maybe for the younger children......

Yna wanted a party at KFC........see how lah. Tengok kalau papa dia agree.

Both of us had lunch at KFC.

At I really scolded Yna Why? Because 'ter-over' pulak perangai dia. I told her to do her Maths revision but she was so reluctant to do. After talking to her that its important for her to do some practice.......dia buat,,,,,,tapi mengentan laa. Then she came to me with a math question that she said , dia tak belajar lagi. I faham sebab ada format soalan-soalan dalam buku-buku latihan tubi thats in the market could be different from what she was taught in school. Tu I tak marah........yang buat I marah was her attitude. She shuts up her mind terus. Dah dia kata tak nak buat , tak tahu buat.......benda yang senang pun dia kata tak tahu. I don't like that. Nak bertekak dengan I saying that dia tak belajar lagi.....nak kena kira banyak lah.....and she just has all the excuses in the world. Selalunya I tolerate but tadi.......Hmmmph! Mula laa I jadi rimau kejap. Memang naik suara I tadi kat dia. Kena tengking dia dengan I hari ni. I told her off that I'm always doing everything I could for her. Told her that I'll take all the blame from her dad just to accommodate her needs so please listen to me. Mengenang-ngenang dia menahan air mata.

I suruh jugak dia buat soalan yang dia kata susah tu......dia ambil buku , hentak-hentak diri pergi buat her revision , alih page macam nak koyak buku tu. Tunjuk temper kat I.....I sound lagi kat dia......."hentak....hentak.....nak tengok Mama pulak hentak barang?"........baru dia tone down.

By nite time......sebelum dia masuk tidur.......she'll always kiss me goodnight. Oh well,,,,,,she's my daughter.......I felt bad scolding her like that but that doesn't mean that I don't love her. I love her so much. I kissed her goodnight & hugged her tight. I love you baby girl.


  1. salam sis..
    from my teaching experience yang tak seberapa ni, i sangat risau dengan perangai almost 50 percent of my students yang bila tengok soalan calculation susah sikit terus shut down otak mereka nak berfikir penyelesaiannya. Kadang-kadang tak susah, tricky sikit je terus kata TAK TAHU....stress woo....
    Its good that you 'forced' her to still harm trying kan...let her generates her mind...insyaAllah..she ll be fine...

  2. ooh darling boy too is in year 1 at skbd. Phewww...the more the go to school plus other outside activities, lagi banyak karenah yang dipertunjukkan di rumah. I totally understand and know how it felt when faced with this dilemma.
    Their antics are sometimes out of the world...itu baru anak perempuan, wait till adriel is 7, lagi colorful lah hidup kita ni... Stay cool hot mum :-P