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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Grocery List

Ni lah yang I selalu buat bila nak buat major marketing. Keluarkan my Major Grocery List. There are loads of printable grocery list templates online but of course laa , kena ubah most of the items in the checklist. I did just that. I'll delete benda-benda yang I tak kan beli & add the things that I will definitely need. Before doing my major marketing , I'll use this grocery list and double check kat dapur.......apa yang kurang , apa yang dah habis , apa yang nak kena beli & what nots......kalau item yang I nak beli tak de dalam check list tu , I'll write down a remark at the blank space. It helps me a lot coz I memang lah akan terlupa itu dan ini.

I kept few format of Grocery Lists stored in my computer. This one I'll use to do my weekly shopping. Untuk nak beli barang yang sikit-sikit.

I seldom shop my toiletries together with my barang dapur. Dulu masa 2-3tahun kahwin , selalu bila pergi marketing......time tu lah nak ambil toiletries & cleaning stuff like detergent , toilet cleaner & etc.......wohoooooo! Took me ages in the supermarket! Time tu not so bad coz I have ample time to myself.........sekarang? mana boleh nak keluar lama-lama. Kalau my mom ada tolong jaga si kenit , boleh laa I lama sikit beli barang. So now , I'll spend another day to do my toiletry shopping.

I'll print the grocery lists , cut it and keep it in a file. Nanti kalau dekat nak habis I'll print some more.

More pics of yesterday from Kak Aida's phone.


  1. all I can say is... OMG u r so organised! I could never do that. I have a list yes, but I guess like you said, at this stage I have lots of time to myself, so the list is just a guide of "must-must haves", I still go up and down the aisles looking for forgotten "must haves", and lots of "oooh nice to have!" :D

  2. eh eh comelnya adriel senyum nampak gusi camtu...nampak so sweet...heheh

  3. wahhh...u are so efficient la sis...

  4. adriel is such a cutie....especially with his pageboy hairstyle (geram mcm nak gigit that pipi of his) :- D