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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Going Green.....

I used to love gardening back when I was in Taiping. My dad loves gardening guess I ada ikut dia sikit laa. Kat Taiping kawasan rumah was very very big. Ada kebun buah-buahan , ada kebun sayur , ada anak banyak yang boleh ditanam & dibuat tapi bila my family moved to KL & beli rumah teres......tanah kat rumah sekangkang kera je......semua gardening my dad buat guna pasu. Tak syok sangat but since he has the passion for pokok-pokok ni........he became creative doing what he loves. As for me , I love to see greenery around me. Green is a good colour *wink*

Lama tak ambil photo bunga Amaryllis , yesterday it bloomed. Dunno why but I have a thing for wild flowers. I think they're very original.

Going green around the house.......

Hehehe..........not all are the real green thing after all. Tipu sikit tak pe lahhhh.....


  1. haha..i baru nak kagum tengok bunga rose pokok kecil tadi...

  2. Epel.....tipah tertipu.....hehehe!