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Monday, November 23, 2009

Gift Shopping

3 weeks ago I dah submit budget yang I nak for Yna's birthday party. As usual......banyak laa soal jawap dengan MP sebelum dapat budget yang I nak. Mula dia kasi separuh.............memang tak cukup. I nak jugak budget yang I mintak and he was telling me not to spend unnecessarily & first time nak buat proper birthday party for Yna and he's giving me all these lectures. I'm not stupid nak buat party pack sampai berpuluh-puluh ringgit satu. Kalau boleh MP memang tak nak kasi I the other half portion of the budget that I've requested........tapi lepas menahan telinga mendengar pelbagai ceritera....hehehe! MP bagi jugak. telling you,,,,,,it's not easy for me to get the budget. Trust me , if you were in my tak kan tahan kena brain storming dengan partner sendiri for party anak sendiri *wink*

I went to buy what I wanted with Yna.........she was so excited & happy.........looking at her shine makes all the difference. I kena marah dengan bapak dia pun tak pe lah......janji anak I happy. Penuh kereta. I was out from 1pm till 4pm. Tak habis lagi........ada banyak lagi nak beli.......semalam dah pergi tempah 3D cake kat Secret Recipe. Mula-mula I nak tempah 3D cake kat Coffee Beans tapi MP bising. Bazir je beli cake sampai 200 ringgit.......Hmmmmm.........Hello! cake 3kg OK.......since I was with Datin Nita kat Secret Recipe semalam , I pun tanya Yna if it's OK for me to just get a cake for here at Secret Recipe , Yna said OK. Well, yang I order tu still a 3D cake & 3kg at RM176......alahhhhh,,,,,,,,,I can't live to see Yna being 8 again OK. Duhhh!

When we got home MP dah balik kerja & was watching TV upstairs........member memang laa tak berkenan coz he knows that I'll buy all sorts of things and to him it's a waste of money. It was raining so me & Yna pelan-pelan bawak keluar barang-barang dari kereta.

Letak je barang-barang , MP belum makan *apasal laa dia tak makan kat office or kat luar tadi knowing that I'll be out gift shopping.........huhhhhh!* Yna tolong I masak kat dapur.

I made a fast Ikan Masak Kicap......masak nasi......

My dumb & dumber way of doing it.......Tumis chopped ginger , garlic & some onions. Added some spring onions , carrots & water....

In goes a table spoonful of tauchoo , fish & kicap manis.

Bila ikan dah masak , in goes some vegetables...........done!

Also made a super fast Bendi with Sotong. In the wok , add a bit of water & in goes lady's fingers together with the sotongs........hehehe! Bila sotong & bendi dah masak.....add some instant sambal & kacau goreng.

Done! Aman dunia I. Hahhhhhhhhh!

My mom looked after Adriel the whole day my turn to play & take care of my baby boy pulak.

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  1. uiksss...adakah perasaanku baby adriel berTOCANG?????kiutttt nye..