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Friday, November 20, 2009

Dumb Cooking : My Speedy NasGor

Thank you for all the comfort words.........much needed.

I'm good worries , still sane......hehehe! It's just that the urge to change became so so great. Tapi balik ke bumi nyata..........kena sabar , jangan buat benda bodoh , not to lose faith in Him & menduakanNya.

I'm a great believer in Gods faith so I guess my test of faith will be much greater from Him. I will never question what You do. Well,,,,OK then , I know You are testing me now *wink*.... So , how do I pass Your test dear God? Hmmmmmm.......the way I see it , You are so Maha Pengasih & Maha Penyayang.......never have I known that You are Maha Penganiaya or Maha Jahat.......right? There for.........when You give a test , definitely You will make me pass the test simply because You're all the good Maha's that we can think of. All You've always asked is for us to have faith in You and be patient coz You are the judge of time . If I can do that , I will definitely pass Your test , right..........OK , I understand how this test of Yours works. , Insya'allah boleh pass lah , hehehe!.......simple test actually but very great on the emotional & spiritual level. Why? Because I can't see You. I can't touch You.'s like , you're in love with someone but you don't know if that someone loves you back or not........makes you feel so unsettled. But in Your case dear's back to having faith. I must have faith in You and in You that I trust.

Wokey.........time for some simple speedy recovery food , hehehe!

Am making a super fast NasGor.......first I made some scrambled eggs......cracked eggs into the wok & kacau-kacau-kacau took me >< onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">
Hmmmm.......ada left overs , sayur kacang buncis semalam yang I simpan dalam fridge. Mixed together with scrambled eggs........this process from taking the bowl of veggies from the fridge to the bowl took me less than 30 seconds......

Mixed in the rice & kicap manis ABC. Doing this took me like another 1 minute.....from snatching the kicap bottle from the rack to squeezing it into the bowl......

Usage of a spoonful of instant sambal & dashes of fish sauce for saltiness. Mixing all the ingredients took me 2 minutes. Taking the fish sauce from the cabinet to dashing it & mixing it all up again took me another minute.

Transfer the rice mixture in a hot wok to warm it up. That's all I did. The transferring process to the wok took me under 30 minutes & heating the rice mixture up took me 2 minutes! I'm done within 10 minutes with no slicing & cutting or what so ever.......just mixing! Thai restaurants uses this technique a lot :-)

Nieza , you did ask me I pakai sambal instant apa.......Hmmmmm......these are the 2 of my favourites. Tien's Gourmet & Kokomo Instant Sambal.

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  1. wah .. tengkiu sis, boleh usha kat hypermarket.