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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dumb Cooking : Chicken Curry - Lady's Fingers Sambal - Nasi Lemak With Sambal Sotong

Yesterday I cooked. After a long long break from kitchen duty. As usual , I have to be fast in my cooking coz I can only do my cooking when my baby boy's asleep. Ran down to the kitchen and started cooking.............

Making my super duper fast Chicken always , I'll use my favourite curry paste....add 2 table spoons of chili paste & some daun kari. Heat on.........give it a quick stir & add some water. Let it cook for a while........

Sweet! Am using this Silk Potatoes , it makes my cooking much easier as the potatoes were pre-washed ones. Nice & more scrubbing needed. And I don't even bother peeling 'em too. Just give it a quick wash & cut anyway you goes the potatoes in the pot. Selamat.

Another time saver are these pre-washed & pre-skinned baby carrots. In goes some of it after throwing in the potatoes........let the carrots & potatoes soften up.

Hmmmmm.......another super fast helper.......sweet cherry tomatoes. I loved them compared to the ordinary big ones. Am not using any asam jawa or tamarind paste today , so I substitute it using some freshly squeezed sweet cheery this point , add some salt to the curry.

When the gravy's bubbled away.......add chicken cuts. I used 1 whole chicken for lunch & dinner at home. Just me - MP & Yna eating.......more than enough. When the chicken's done , I added some green chilies & more tomatoes.

No usage of coconut milk or any extra oil. The oil in this curry of mine comes from the chicken & the curry paste.

Next am stir frying some lady's fingers. I soaked a handful of udang kering salai with some tap water. In the meantime , I poached my lady's fingers in the wok.

When poaching water decreases and lady's fingers half cooked , in goes the udang salai into the wok. Mixing it well with the lady's fingers..........then I added 2 table spoons of my favourite instant sambal paste to the vegetables. Quickly blend the sambal with the lady's fingers.........and that's it. Am done. Yehaaaaaa!

Some lady's fingers dish to go with my chicken curry today.

For dessert today , I had a huge piece of butter cake and soaked it with evaporated milk aka susu cair. Heaven! Fed Adriel , he loves it. Who won't.....

Hmmmmm........what's this? version of making the nasi lemak. A crazy quick one! I made this on Saturday , masa tengah sibuk-sibuk nak dapat green light from MP to go and watch MJ's This Is it......lepas our light disagreement & minor argument and realizing that MP belum makan lagi.......I quickly went to the kitchen and made my super fast nasi lemak. Don't laugh OK.....I asked Yna later when we came back.......she said it was OK. Macam biasa......basuh beras,,,,,,,in goes daun pandan , some salt , some sliced onions *just a bit* , 2 kotak santan. The rest was done by the rice cooker..........hehehe!

Made a super fast sambal sotong........

After cutting the sotong to bite sizes , I throw them all in the wok.......all the juices from the sotong came out , so I do not need to add any water to it. When the sotong's cooked , I simply added my favourite sambal paste.......added S&S to seriously done.

While cooking , I heard MP asking me *with a tone of course* , why am I not ready & still didn't get the kids ready yet? Hmmmm.......*am cooking for you laa*. When am done cooking , I went upstairs and told him that I've made him some nasi lemak & sambal sotong........and I was told off that I shouldn't have cook and bla bla bla...............malas nak dengar. I buat my duty. Kapish. A small thank you would be nice instead of the usual grumbles.......Bo-ring! Tu I masak..........kalau I tak masak & terus tinggal rumah pergi tengok wayang..........lagi teruk I kena bahasa.......hohohoho! Men are truly from Mars! Penin palak aku tok..........hahaha!


  1. Tu cara MP ucap 'terima kasih' dgn mengomel....

  2. I guess the bising-bisng part is his way to say thank you and berbudi bahasa with the exact meaning 'sorry to susahkan u, lain kali tak payahla susah. Go ahead and enjoy'. Ok i dah jadi translator warga planet mars dengan warga bumi.

  3. wah..potatoes tu x perlu pell off?thats great.Carrot pre-washed pun ada kak?Im totally amazed with you..u know so many time-saver and yet worth to buy products.Hubby dok bebel lagi..kata nak pandai masak mcm kak rima..Aduh2..

  4. Salam sis..
    Rindu nak tengok ur super fast cooking..truly enjoy it.
    Masa i baca posting yg bawah ni i dok terpk...your partner makan apa eh...u tak jadi masak tu...hehehe...rupa-rupanya ada nasi lemak sambal sotong lagi...

  5. wahh..i've never try to eat cake soaked with eva milk.. must give a try then. hehehhe.....