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Monday, November 23, 2009

Cloudy Day For Scuba

Last Sunday Yna wasn't feeling well but I had to go for my scuba diving. It was a cloudy morning. My mom was at my place so , she took care of Adriel again today. Before going for my scuba lesson I had to make a quick stop at a blog mate's place in Bukit Antarabangsa , nak hantar biskut suji. She ordered 4 tins for Raya Haji. Still at home there are few tins of suji awaiting its owners to come and collect :-)

Major Nordin , my scuba master.......the true meaning of sambil menyelam minum air......hehehe!

Equipment check before entering the pool.

Taking a break after doing few skills underwater.....

Today , another skill that I learned was to do the Giant Stride.......punya laa cuak nak humban-kan diri dalam air , I had to be pushed into the water......hahaha! But it was fun after the first try.......

I didn't get my Underwater Remove Mask Clearing skill done properly. It's very important that I get this skill right. I can do it on my own underwater tapi bila underwater dengan scuba master.........kantoi! Next class kena buat lagi. Nasib baik the other skill , Underwater Mask Clearing dah OK. I was in and out of pool from 10:30am till 4:30pm. Kulit memang laa berbelak macam taik cicak! Saborrr je laa.....nak scuba sangat. Hari ni cuaca tak terik , mendung je dari pagi. At times , hujan renyai-renyai but tetap masuk pool jugak. Best , best , best......tak sabar nak pergi pulau!

Lepas habis scuba lesson , called MP. Dia belum makan.....I pun divert my route to food court Taman Melawati. I terus makan nasi kat situ dengan Yna & bungkuskan Hamid's Mee Rebus Penang for MP. Dia suka mee rebus kat sini.

I did talk to Yna about certain issues that's been bugging me.........hahhhhh.......entah lah dia faham ke tidak tapi rasa lega dapat release-kan benda yang terbuku dalam hati.

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