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Monday, November 23, 2009

3rd For Yna

I have got loads to update but so little time. Hahhhhhh...........very very very hectic week for me. Last Friday morning I sent Yna to school , last day of school plus sekali dengan sambutan Hari Anugerah Cemerlang. Yna got an award for getting 3rd place in her 3rd term exam. Alhamdulillah. 1st term dia dapat number 3 , 2nd term dapat number 5 & ni dapat number 3 balik. I kena ikut Yna ke sekolah awal pagi coz nak rebutkan parking space. Now her school is undergoing some renovation work , so parking memang macam siol. Double parking & etc. I was out of the house around 6:50am. Sampai sekolah , just nice........dapat parking. After parking my car , I tengok belakang je,,,,,dah penuh dah kereta........

Banyak pulak kerja nak kena buat hari ni........nak kena gi collect biskut suji yang friends order for raya haji and then am meeting Kak Siti for..........hmmmmm.........adalah.......hehehe! surprise! surprise!........

Teachers & students was busy arranging tables & etc on stage early morning.

While the seniors were laying out the carpets.........Juniors like Yna lepak-lepak around the school with friends.

Opening speech by the Principal , Puan Siti.

Yna tengah tunggu turn nak ambil award.......and that's her cert....

Yehaaaa! Well done baby girl.......Alah! dia tak pose lama sikit for me to snap her pic....bertuah punya budak.

With her friends , Cahaya & Syasya *in green*. Syasya will be going back to Medan next year. Dah hilang sorang kawan. Hopefully they'll be reunited again via FaceBook.

Yna took photos with her classmates on their last day of school. Balik bila I buka FB Yna........berderet-deret students Sri Utama dok upload gambar last day of school. Seronok tengok. After the award ceremony I 'kidnapped' Yna from school. Pergi jalan-jalan dengan my girlfriend Datin Nita. I kena ambil biskut suji kat Ampang so Nita was kind enough to help me pick the cookies before we went to do few chores. Later we went back to the school to take our kids report card. In the pic above , me with Eva *Syasya's Indonesian mom* in our daughter's classroom.

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