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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

So What.....If.....

My thoughts..........

So What......If You Are Among The Top Malaysian Blogger?

With my everyday chores , I don't have much time to blog hop but yesterday I managed to go to this particular blog that I once in a while visited to check out what's new & etc. I quickly glanced through the site and my eyes turned red upon repeatedly reading what the blogger had written. The blogger repeatedly & was constantly mentioning being one of the top blogger in Malaysia , being on top , being well known & etc.........arrrggghhh! It's just so annoying. To me what we write shows our state of mentality. That is very important. You can be a numero uno blogger for all I care but I feel that when we have people reading what we write , when we know that our blog has millions of readers as per claimed.........we as a blogger have a responsibility to write properly,,,,,,to say the least.

As for this blog that I am talking about , the blogger was OK earlier but lately,,,,,,like I said , the 'unintentional' bragging became too much for me to process. I personally think that the blogger is indeed a nice person but the blogger got carried away by the sudden 'stardom' & attention gained. lah jadi bila individu tu tak pernah famous , bila mula jadi blogger and orang mula kenal muka sikit so jadilah macam burung merak. Tak ke mananya kalau orang kenal as a blogger ni......ramai lagi penduduk Malaysia yang tak IT oriented.....nothing to be proud of pun. It's either the net community will like you or will hate you like anything.

Writing in your blog that you are a humble person & to really 'practice' what you preach is difficult to do when in reality , you are not the 'written' person :-)

So What.......If You Are A New Mum?

Everybody can be a new mum. Everybody can be a mum. You can be a good or a bad mom. That's fine coz once you know that you are bad , you can always learn to be good. But what about being a fake mom? A plastic mom?

Oh! Well.......having a baby is a big responsibility and it's not just fit for a TV show..........duhhh!

Do you bathe your little baby every morning? Or any time you are able to?
Do you feed you child everyday?
Do you wake up in the middle of the night to feed your crying baby?
Do you change your baby's diapers?
Do you take your baby with you when you go out? Or whenever you can?


Do you just 'receive' your sweet smelling baby from your maid after the baby's morning bath?
Do you asked your maid to feed your baby.
Do you asked your maid to sleep with your baby in the nursery every night so that when the baby wakes up , the maid can feed your baby?
Do you asked your maid to change your baby's diaper when your baby pooh?
Do you go shopping and bring your maid along so that she can take care of your baby while you shop peacefully?

I choose not to have a maid and to be a stay at home mom to take care of my children *because my partner can provide the family enough and there's no need for me to go to work*. I do understand that working mothers have no choice but to let someone else babysit their child......that's absolutely fine because you have a big reason to do so.......totally understood. But to let the nation see what a loving & caring mother you are on the surface with all the 'unrealistic' behind the curtain scenarios.........that's crap motherhood. That's all I have to say.



  1. hahahaha rima....i likeee what u wrote bout the new mum!.....Making me grins to my ears! I couldn't agree more with u! mmg overrated sesangat kan the new mum tu!

  2. Hmm...maybe the blogger has a very high self confidence...hehe...
    Yg Gugu gang tu i pun tak boleh tolerate untuk tengok....hehe

  3. K Rima,

    I fully agree with you on the mommy you, I also choose to stay at home, work from home and take care of my own children at home...i tak pernah ada maid w/pun ramai yg suruh, they all kata kesian tgk i jaga anak kecik-kecik 3 org, boys pulak tuh....but, i still stand tall and say that i nak jaga anak2 i sendiri, biarlah busuk mcmana pun, bersepah mcmana pun, bising mcmana pun, asalkan tangan i yg provide them with all the tender loving care.....kan?

    take care, k rima...

  4. Hello rima..

    About top blogger : you’re absolutely right!!! Dulu2 saya selalu juga baca blog2 yg dikatakan famous ni tapi lama kelamaan ianya jadi membosankan sebab terlalu bragging dan lebih kepada menunjuk2. ah..orang kata kalo tak suka jangan baca so that’s it.. saya tak baca lagi dah, sampailah sekarang.

    About being new mom : again, you’re right! Ada orang yang semua maid atau family members lain yg buatkan segalanya untuk dia. Dengan izin Allah, saya pun ingin menjaga sendiri anak jika diberi rezeki satu hari nanti. Tapi tu la..nak rezeki masing2. ada orang memang tak blh hidop lansong kalo takde pembantu. Ada orang yang lebih suka independent. Terpulang pada pendapat masing2.

    have a nice weekend..

  5. Rima dear..

    hahahahahah me hari2 tension, balik keja terkejar-kejar house chores plak. Dgn anak 5..ayoooo letih. Semalam i surrender tak mau cook for dinner coz the little baby asyik nak berkepit.Letih nak lari2 putar washing machine, pegang senduk kuali, ironing..ohh letih.
    Pakai maid??? ermmm as at todate belum terfikir lagi la...mampu buat lagi kecuali part masak tu hahahahahahah

  6. setuju sgt...yg betul DIVA pun tak berlagak mcm tu...haha

    disbbkan nak glemer lama2 jadi pelesu...haha

  7. semua sebab duit...then mula la menulis bukan dari hati...

  8. smiling to....cheek to cheek...hehehe!

    epel.....very high indeed....don't u dare gugu gaga me haaa...hehehe!

    Lizamurni.......we made the call when it comes to our kids. hope we did the right thing sis.

    saya.....yup! true. don't like , don't read. kapish. niat nak ada anak is a good thing. have faith in Him, he will give u. Insya'allah. bila dah dapat , jaga baik2.

    green sorang Epelijau , sorang green apple.....both will be the apple of my eye.....hehehe!

    madam casper.......tu dia you all , anak 5 and no maid!!!! Bravo mummy casper. Bonda2 & nenda2 kita dulu yang anak sampai 8,9,10,11, nenek has 14 OK.....sikda maid bah.....but everyone turnout HUMAN....

    POSH76.....hmmmm.....tau tak pe....

    Ajiss.....true , all coz of RM....hehehe!

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  10. saya setuju dgn entry ini. sometimes people like this - mmg kena jentik sket baru la nak sedar. ini pun baru jentik sket je ni..tah sedar tah tidak le nanti tu.

  11. padanlah laki ko ada betina luar..
    keje dok memaki orang, jagalah tepi kain sendiri.

    padan muka.

  12. Anonymous.....Lu cakap pasal sapa ni. Lu salah blog kot? If you wanna use harsh words , please go away and don't come back. Get out!

  13. pasal Lu

    wa tau semua pasal laki Lu
    dan Lu
    kalau laki sendiri ko kutuk, apatah lagi orang lain, semuanya ko nak kutuk.

    we are watching u my dear, now siapa guna harsh words in her own entry (ies)?