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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Quickies : Last Week

Friday - 23rd October 2009

Pic taken on Friday. Yna had to stay back for an extra Maths class today coz she missed classes since Monday. Her 3rd term exam is in 2 two weeks to come. So her teacher called me up asking permission so that Yna can stay back on Friday. Of course I said yes. So after fetching her from school we went to Carrefour Wangsa Maju for lunch at the food court.

The reason I nak pergi Carrefour coz kat situ ada Maxis Centre and I want to ask the procedure to potong! Hehehe! Potong my Maxis broadband laaa.....funny thing , we were watching the Potong add on TV & MP don't have a clue about the whole thing.....hehehe! When I told him that everyone dah start guna WiFi and in the midst of potong their other services.......baru dia faham maksud iklan yang dia dok tengok lately ni.

According to the amoi kat kedai Maxis tu........kalau nak potong kena pergi HQ kat KLCC. MP dah bengang dah.......then dia cakap kena bawak kotak yang masa mula-mula dapat modem tu! Tu bukan MP je marah........dengan I sekali marah! I dah guna more than 2 years dah........mana nak cari kotak tu lagi? A stupid way to make their customers to keep on using Maxis Broadband. Kalau tak pulangkan lengkap dengan kotak , tak boleh disconnect the service! To me more to like nak tipu pengguna. Guna cara paksa. Hmmmm.........memang laa siapa officer yang handle MP kalau dia pergi Menara Maxis tu for sure akan kena maki dengan MP. Part ni , memang patut pun kena maki. Masa nak register for the service , kat mana booth Maxis pun boleh register. Nak bayar bill pun sama.......mana-mana pun boleh bayar........bila nak terminate service tak customer friendly pulak. Siol je. I have to terminate the service coz I can't afford to pay for both Maxis & P1 , am not using my Maxis broadband anymore........

Saturday - 24th October 2009

Macam biasa.......pagi-pagi lagi si Adriel dah bangun. Dah menyanyi-nyanyi & start baling-baling bantal dia towards me & MP. I bangun & carried Adriel to his sister's room......hehehe! Dia gasak kacau kakak dia tengah tidur. Tension je Yna , hari Sabtu dah kena bangun awal.......Today memang nak pergi Aikido but Yna was still having a running nose.............hmmm tak pergi jugak. Sebenarnya papa dia yang malas nak pergi mana-mana hari ni. So the whole day today , we lepak kat rumah.

Yna dah mengadu lapar. Hari ni memang tak masak apa pun. Yna bantai makan cereal lah , cake lah plus other titbits. Dengan MP pun sama.......I tak makan tak kisah coz I dah makan my HL shake. Malam we went for a dinner at Madam Lim's , Jusco AU2. Ordered Fishball Soup - Omelette - Fish Fillet Sambal - Taugeh Ikan Masin - Ginger Beef all in small portions.

My dinner........Kenyang sekenyang kenyangnya.....hehehe!

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  1. maxis at Carrefour is exclusive partner not the Maxis Centre branch so not all services are available, if you unable to sent the complete set of BB upon cancellation, u will have to pay some amount (like denda la - nasib i ada simpan the box )