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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Modern Dance Class @ Linda Jasmine's Studio For Yna

Yna showed passion in dancing since she was in Kinder garden. At that time I wanted to enroll her for a ballet class but didn't get to do so.....then I got pregnant and all.......terus lupa. Recently *after Michael Jackson died* , Yna develop a greater interest towards dancing. Daily basis after the death of the King Of Pop , she embraced his songs.....songs that me myself haven't heard and of course tirelessly dancing and trying to follow MJ's dance routines.

MP as his usual self , will not show any upfront encouragement laa. He was doing his best to demotivate Yna but the more he does that , the more Yna dances........I know in a way , MP is OK with it but oh! well! it is his way of showing support ????? hahaha. Like me , when I used to sing , I never get a 'pujian' from him.....never. To him , if he easily gives compliments to me,,,,,he's afraid that I'll be big headed and stop improving myself. MP always practice the reverse psychology method with me and now to his kids. Not many can tolerate his way but I survived. I told MP few times that there's no woman can stand being his wife............and he never said a word of response. Good. So he knows that he's hardcore. Only now that am seeing MP 'played' the same game with Yna.........I pity Yna but I always step up for Yna and got into trouble for it. Never mind. It's OK. I'll do anything for my kids to be happy.

Like signing up for this Modern Dance class.........MP was not in favour of it. He strongly objected it but I managed to persuade him that we as parents should open the door for all possibilities & help set a platform for our children. Let them try out whatever they like until they are really certain of what they'd like to do. That's what my parents did to me & my brother.

So last Monday nite , I berkeras jugak nak enrol-kan Yna for the dance class. Mulanya MP tak nak ikut but he later gave in coz I had to bring Adriel along with me. Ni normal with MP , he'll push me to the last minute to see if I back off or not. For my kids , no way.

Yna was happy & excited to see her classmate Yasmine were among the students there. Sara , Kak Aida's daughter will join later on as she can't come today....ada exam. The dance teacher that night was Cikgu Raimee. He did AF for a season I think.

That's Zila , staff of LJ's Studio carrying Adriel around the studio while waiting for Yna.

Break time for the little dancers.......

After seeing parents come in & out of the studio , I can see changes in MP about this whole dance thing. He's OK.

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