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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lunch With Aida & Ryan @ K Klub

Made plans with Kak Aida & Ryan to meet up at K Klub for lunch at 12pm on Sunday. Poor thing that they had to wait for me to finish my scuba diving till almost 2pm!

Ryan came with his wife & 4 kids.........

Adriel is happy to see his Tante Aida........

Kak Aida came with sweet little Tasha.......

We stayed till almost 4pm before going home.......Lunch was OK cuma service was slow coz only 1 waitress cum cashier cum everything for the day I guess was on duty........


  1. Adriel is superrrrrrrrrrrrrr cute! teringin sangat nak cubit2 pipi misti mama Adriel marah i nnt...hehe...

    Hi kak rima...i suka baca blog u...
    dh lama tak datang blog u...tengok2 dh kena locked plk...sedey sangat
    Is there any other way that I can read ur BBB2? Well I don’t blog myself…but enjoy reading urs!

    Again, would like to let u know that i enjoy reading ur blog so much..esp your so called dumb cooking...takla kak's smart what....rasa mcm senang je u masak2....aspired cook here!hehehe...

    pasal anonymous gila tu...ignore je...sakit jiwa tue...s/he may think that other people drive the miserable life like her/his…pathetic!

    go kak rima go!

  2. Anonymous dear.........

    Tiap2 hari si adriel kena geget pipi dengan I...hehehe!

    As for BBB2 , I have not send any invites to anyone yet plus tak de 'Death Row' stories yang tulis lagi :-)

    Pretty dumb to me coz i didn't cook by the book but my head....hahaha! Janji benda mentah tu masak & boleh makan.

    Hmmmm....whoever it may be , i'm fine. over it. if she/he still has problems with it.....not my problem. it's theirs now :-)

    Going to the max....hahaha! Thanx babe.

  3. wahh..congratuatios to you rima & yna for completing the 1st step of scuba. baru la hari ni i tau maksud scuba tu selama ni igt scuba is mmg a word for menyelam. hwuahahha... so pathetic of me. teringinnya mcm tu tapi swimming pon tak reti. will learn it soon la. again.. congratsss!!! kene cepat sambong for the certified diver la mcm ni ye.