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Friday, October 30, 2009

Last Friday

Sehari dua ni malas betul nak menulis.......dok ralit main game kat FB. Plus I took the time to go through & screen my posts at BBB2 then hantar the selected posts to my mate in Uncle Sam to process it. Bila time I tidur dia buat kerja , bila time dia tidur I buat kerja........benua lain , tu yang ambil masa sikit tu........

We headed to McD MRR2 for lunch. Ramai jugak orang during lunch time kat sini. Kat McD mesti kena makan my fav , McD's french fries with chili sauce and sprinkle it with some black pepper.

This is one of the reason to eat at McD today....hehehe! I've already collected 12 Coke glasses. Cukup laa kot....

After months tak pergi Aikido start dari sebelum puasa lagi......hari ni keluarkan uniform Aikido for tomorrow. Esok mesti kena pergi. Musttttttttttttttt!

This is actually a birthday present for Yna. Her own debit card , NexG from AmBank. November nanti birthday dia so I'll top-up some money for her to go on a shopping spree to buy her own birthday presents. All she has to do is sign the charge slip herself. MP said that am spoiling her...........hmmmm.........So?

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