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Monday, October 26, 2009

I Did My DSD With Ed Scuba!

Putting yesterday's nightmare from a blog stalker behind and moving on with my life.

An end note though , did I mention anyone's name when writing my thoughts in the 'What If...' post? Nope. A question if I the entire nation is there only 1 'among the top Malaysian blogger' & 1 'new mum'? Nope.


SO,,,,,,,last Sunday I finally made my dream to reality.........

Dragging along Adriel with me , I arrived K Klub at 10am as per scheduled. The nite before I sent an sms to my Scuba Master Ed to confirm my attendance. I was so excited & same goes with Yna. MP can't follow us as he has to attend some colleagues. I was lucky that there was many hands on babysitters who was willing to take turns in taking care of baby Adriel. Lucky me that my baby was in a very 'co-operative' mood........

Upon arrival , we were greeted by members of Ed Scuba. Everyone was very warm & friendly making us feel very at home. Today , I signed up for the Discovery Scuba Dive (DSD) programme together with Yna. Passing this programme will make it possible for me to sign up for an Open Water Diving course which will give me a diving license. More on scuba diving check out Ed Scuba. They're on FB as well. Then I was introduced to Lan *Uncle Lan to Yna* , Ed's business partner. He gave us a general briefing and then we had to watch a short CD on Scuba Rangers. A program specially designed for children. I had to watch it too coz those were the basics of scuba diving.

After changing , we headed to the pool where we met another experienced Scuba Master , Major Nordin. He was with the army and now a full time qualified scuba instructor. He then briefly gave us a run through and introduction to all basic scuba equipments. Now I know that SCUBA stands for Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.

The mask is a very important as it has to fit perfectly to the face.......I tried the one they've reserved for me but ended up using Major Nordin personal mask.

Getting ready before going into the water.......

The 2 Scuba Masters are all set for us.........

The Scuba Masters. On the left is Ed & right is Major Nordin.

The moment of truth! OK we're set to do some divin' bebeh.......

Yna made so proud of her. She was not afraid at all and took the discovery scuba dive program very well.

Now my turn to hit the water.......ow! yeah! big momma's comin'!

As my camera was not a water proof cam , so the scuba assistants can't take pictures of me & Yna doing our stuff underwater. Too bad. Throughout the discovery program we did lots of underwater breathing , underwater sign language , underwater mask cleaning , underwater kneeling and of course underwater diving in shallow & deep waters.

Me & Scuba Master Major Nordin , preparing to do the underwater mask cleaning. It's the most difficult task for me coz I have to let water into my mask and let the water covers half of my mask meaning my nose & part of my eyes is covered with water.....then quickly open it a bit and puff the water out with my nose & at the same time stop breathing for a sec with my mouth.....oh! my! Yna managed to complete this task ahead of me! Bravo kiddo!

Yna doing the underwater mask clearing task. Doing it above the water is easy but to do it underwater........that's where the challenge is.......after several attempts , we did it! The underwater diving was easy but this one was not!

After spending around 1 hour in the pool , I completed my 1st round of the DSD programme . I took a 10 minutes break to the loo and make a quick call to my FB mate Ryan. We're meeting at the club for lunch together with my sis Aida. Am buying lunch today. After making the call I continued with another round of diving session. I was supposed to finish my scuba session at 12 to 1pm but I only managed to see my friends that was waiting for me patiently at around 2pm! Sorry , sorry , sorry........but I told them to go ahead and order their food.......... angry looking son. I left him with the scuba family while I was diving.

Certificate giving ceremony........that's my Dive Master Major Nordin in his green towel....hehehe! Lan holding our certs & Ed looking on.

Yay! Yna! Welcome to the underwater world baby girl! She's a diver now , not certified yet but a diver. Enrolling her for the Scuba Rangers programme. In more or less 3 months , she'll be a Junior Diver , insya'allah.

And........Yay! to me!!!!! Like enrolling myself for the Open Water Scuba Diving Course. Within few months , I'll get my Open Water Diving License , insya'allah. I did ask MP to join us *knowing that he won't...hehehe!* but he said......."Banyak lagi benda nak tengok kat atas dunia ni.....tak kuasa I nak tengok benda kat bawah tu!"

Hmmmmm.........benda dalam laut tu pun Tuhan cipta jugak. Ciptaan ialah untuk dilihat.........Ciptaan dasar laut ni special sikit dari yang kat atas muka bumi........perlu ada ilmu untuk melihat ciptaan Allah yang satu ni. Sama jugak macam ciptaan Allah di ruang angkasa. Not everyone can go and see it only those with the specific ilmu sahaja yang dapat peluang melihat ciptaan Allah yang di atas sana. Since I know that I can't possibly go up , I choose to go down. As one of God's creation , I wanna see as much as God's other creations.........insya'allah atas izinNya.

*A note for me : Kenal diri........Air.........Can you see the water around you? :-) *

With lots of passion am talking about encouraging Big But Beautiful women to try out scuba diving.......if I can , you can too.

Hello! Most Scuba Masters are Big But Bigger men too , OK.....hahaha!

Yehaaa! My DSD certificate. Sweet!


  1. rima, congratsssss...... nak join gak tapi takutttt.... mesti best kan rima.... kena pandai berenang dulu ke eh? aiseymannnn.... i tak reti berenang.....

  2. Chiah....hehehe! TQ darling.

    Anonymous......tak pandai berenang tak pe...kalau boleh float pun dah ok...

  3. Lepas nih nak gie mana snorkeling maner? Kat Sabah pun orait gak...