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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dumb Cooking : Maggi Goreng

Still tak pergi buat marketing lagi. MP was too tired to go anywhere and I was a lazybum this week *selalu pun malas*..........Malas or not nak kena makan ke dapur lah juga. Nak masak apa ni?

Dalam freezer yang ada cuma some Breakfast Beef Strips 3 peket. Maggi 4 bungkus......

Ada kucai sikit dalam fridge , ada telur 3 biji lagi..........Hmmmmm.....buat Maggi Goreng je lah.

Nak masak cepat-cepat coz nak sambung main game....hehehe! Masukkan beef strips yang keras macam batu tu dalam microwave , set to high for 3 minutes.

While the beef's in the microwave , buat scrambled eggs & set aside.

Then I quickly guntingkan the beef strips..........

In the wok , panas minyak & tumis chopped garlic & 3 packets of bumbu Maggi even though am using 4 packets of Maggi Mee. Add some water. Then in goes light & dark soy sauce + kicap manis ABC.

Bila sauce dah mendidih , in goes the beef strips & cook it a bit longer. I didn't use any salt or fish sauce coz the seasonings used is salty enough for my taste buds.

Masukkan kucai & Maggi mee together.........

Mixed well , bila kucai dah layu sikit,,,,,,,heat off. At this point , masukkan telur........gaul , gaul , gaul.........

At last......within 15 minutes , am done cooking. Ambilkan sepinggan untuk MP dalam pinggan oren favourite dia.......boleh sambung main game......later-later baru I makan.

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