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Friday, October 23, 2009

Dumb Cooking : Kari Ikan Kurau Masin & Chicken With Vegetables & Soft Tofu

3 nights ago si Yna *yang demam konon* nak makan I called Pizza Hut delivery. Dinner malam ni atok dengan nenek pun terpaksa makan pizza....hehehe! Raya maya dah habis so am on my HL shakes again for breakfast. Not everyday but on alternate days.

My parents ada so kena la masak walaupun dah penat memasak di cafe alam maya......Penat menunggu! Hahaha! Barang-barang dalam fridge dah nak kering so menu pun ala-ala kering jugak lah kaedahnya.......hehehe! I guna kentang for this dish so that the potato can help absorb the saltiness of the dried kurau. Apapun kena rendam ikan kering dalam air for about 10 minutes. Rinse it few times. Ikan masin ni tak perlu rendam dengan air garam coz dia tak masin sangat unlike some ikan kering.

Standard laa.....semua masuk dalam periuk with some coking oil , heat on + some water to help minimize the oil splashing action in the kitchen......hehehe!

Biar rempah garing then add some tamarind paste..........

.......and , yes.....water! In goes my potatoes......biarkan dia empuk.......

......then baru I masukkan sebatang santan beku ke dalam kuah kari ku , boleh ayat tu? Langsung masukkan the ikan kerings........

....and also some cherry tomatoes. After santan dah dissolved , rasa kuah. Kalau agak-agak kureng masin , then baru letak garam. Kalau letak awal-awal sebelum masukkan ikan......buatnya ikan kering tu jenis yang masin tak ingat.......jadi lah macam dalam scene memasak in Bujang Lapok.....huhuhu! So it's best to spare the salt & sugar towards the end of your cooking. Yes , a bit of sugar in curries is OK maa.....

Hmmmm...........there you go.

This dish is super duper easy , no oil needed just braising.

Simply pour Maggi's 5 Spice Chicken Mix into the wok & add water. Heat on and let it boil. As am using a lot of chicken I added a bit more chopped garlic to it. Enhanced the flavour with dashes of oyster's sauce & add baby carrots to it.....wait till the carrots softens up.

Then add chicken strips - mushrooms & snow peas. For extra flavour & colouring , add water *from soaking dried mushrooms* to the gravy........depending on how thick or thin you want the gravy to be....

When chicken's cooked , add some soft Japanese tofu. Braise for a minute or two and that's it.

I had a plate of this for dinner. Filling.


  1. sedspnya kari ikan kurau...akak, aritu bile tgok tv suria singapore ada satu rancangan psl jelajah makanan halal.Pengacaranya hani tak silap saya..n when i read the producer ke director eh sy tak ingat, rupa2 nya akak ya??best la show tu..tapi sy tak pernah tgok kt sini..its a very good effort la kak..introduce halal food from all over the world.tahniah

  2. wahhh...simple2 je tapi menarik. mcm nak try buat jugak yg chicken dish with tofu tu la.. huhuh.. takpe..kalo tersilap buat blh refer kat sini. hehehee...