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Monday, October 19, 2009

A Datukship From Sulu

Seriously I don’t care who among the local celebs gets a Dato or Dato Seri or any tittle what so ever coz I personally feel that only 2 local stars really deserves such high recognition from the Sultan or Agong. So far I seconded P.Ramlee & Sudirman *pun baru dapat Dato after so long!*. The others……..sorry. What they’ve done doesn’t par compared to these two man of arts. Owh OK……Dato’ Shake for being the first Malaysian singer to make waves in the French music market. He must have done the Sultan of Johore proud as a Johorean to be getting a Datukship from the Sultan as we all know that the Sultan of Johore won’t easily give any tittle to just anyone…..*hello , MB Johore only carries the tittle Dato till now and not Dato Seri like most MB’s*

Zaman I kecik dulu , tak payah tunggu berita orang tu kahwin dengan Dato…..dengar je so & so kahwin dengan anak Dato pun dah gempaq. Masa tu kalau somebody tu ada tittle Dato……hmmmmm……boleh dibanggakan & poket memang kencang laa. Sekarang? Entah-entah duit dalam savings account kita lagi banyak dari account Dato tu……especially those Dato-Dato seniman yang ada kat Malaysia ni sekarang. Maaf lah , terkurang ajar sikit bila cakap soal Datukships among Malaysian celebs ni. Tak kutuk , facts apa. Buka mata & tengok sendiri lah.....

I can understand if one singer did something like , help sing to raise fund where ever he or she could for Gaza or other nature disaster funds tirelessly for years & years & years and by the 10th or 15th years of doing so……..the government or state government acknowledge what he or she had done and award the said singer with a Datukship……that’s more like it laa....…at least. By simply giving Datukship to any Tom , Dick & Harry……spoils the prestige of the award itself. I don’t know , just a personal thought here.

One got a Datukship for constantly being invited to sing in royal fuctions. One got a Datukship for being the favourite tailor of the royal family. One got a Datukship for being royal mates. Well , at least they have a reason to get the tittle but what about the whole bunch of other celebs? Owh! Quota Finas? Or quota Karyawan? Or maybe quota Seniman? Sorry…….I just can’t relate to it.

Don’t get me wrong,,,,I’m not saying the veteran celebs don’t deserve the tittle. I have no problem with Jamil Sulong getting a Datukship as he had contributed big time to the Malay film & music industry. Jins Shamsuddin being a Senator now…….well , he’s well known in having ways to get what he wants from those P.Ramlee days so am not surprised that he is where he is today. Plus , he’s not a total shame as he carries himself well. He doesn’t go clowning on any stage or movie set unlike some other Datos & Tan Sris.

There’s a hot issue lately of 6 local celebs receiving a Pingat Seri Pengiran Diraja Sulu (SPDS) sempena ulang tahun keputeraan Sultan Sulu dan Borneo Utara , Sultan Rodinood Kiram II. Hehehe! Sorry……Excuse me…..I just need to laugh out loud! Hahahahaha!

Sorry for being rude. I’m not a rude person but this one I can’t help it laa…it’s just so funny. Very funny. Especially when you look at the name of recipients………OH! MY! What have they done in their life to achieve such recognition? Hehehe! Sorry again….but as I’m typing thing post….I can’t help but laugh and I have a good reason to laugh OK……

Hahhhhh! *sigh* Tapi……kalau the Datukship is really recognized , by all means……terima lah. That’s totally rezeki depa dapat guna tittle Dato kat dunia ni. Salwa , Azizul , Sheqal , Jeffri Din are friends of mine. Not my problem pun if they’re a Dato and I’m not. I don’t give a shit about tittles. Why? Because I know that I didn't contribute enough in the industry to be recognized apatah lagi to be awarded a Datukship ke apa......Kalau satu hari I dapat Dato.....sure orang akan tanya.....dia buat apa sampai Sultan *not Sultan Sulu aaa....* kasi dia Dato? Setakat duduk rumah merepek kat blog pun boleh dapat Dato......yang ado lah jawabnya. Hahaha! Sedar diri OK. Tapi kalau MP yang dapat........tu lain laa.........dia.......nanti lah......esok-esok laa cerita..........line dia kerja , I tak campur.

It was reported that these celebs received their Datukships from the Sultan of Sulu. According to Wiki , the Sultan of Sulu is a Muslim royal house that governs over most Muslims in the Sulu Archipelago in the Philippines. The Philippines? A Datukship from the Philippines? Hmmmm……......

Wait , wait , wait……let’s do this again. They received a Pingat Seri Pengiran Diraja Sulu (SPDS) sempena ulang tahun keputeraan Sultan Sulu dan Borneo Utara , Sultan Rodinood Kiram II. It’s stated Sultan Sulu & Borneo Utara. Borneo Utara? Hehehe! That’s ancient name for Sabah bah. Oh! My!...... They’re really serious aaa……

Last month MP was talking to my neigbour who lives in front of my house. He’s with add4bucks. He told MP that he just recently attended a conferment of the said pingat to Salwa & Azizul at Nikko Hotel , KL. What????? Kasi pingat kat hotel? He told MP that the Datukship was from Brunei.....Sultan Brunei yang kasi ke? NO….Lah......siapa yang anugerahkan pingat tu? A Sultan's rep. Hmmmm……Boleh ek , macam tu.....

I remembered , dulu masa my mom nak ambil pingat yang kecik like PJK pun kena pergi Istana Bukit Chandan in Kuala Kangsar and Sultan Perak sendiri yang sematkan pingat kecik tu kat dada my mom. Ni dapat pingat Datuk suruh representative kasi kat hotel je? Macam cerita lawak pun ada………

MP memang lately kerap ke Pekan & Kuantan pasal hal kerja. His circle of working colleagues dah include Pahang royalties. This weekend *Insya'allah* he’ll be going to Istana Pekan with business partners to attend the Sultan’s birthday & conferment of awards ceremony in the palace *in the palace aaa.....not hotel OK*……I know first hand that MP knows the right protocol pasal benda-benda macam ni.

Questions to my friends yang pakai tittle Datukship Sulu tu……have you even met the Sultan Of Sulu in person? Do you even know how he look like? Or the best part……do you even know where Kepulauan Sulu is?

Hope our government will help look into this. This is serious as from what I read about Sulu & its Sultanate………many individuals claimed to be the Sultan of Sulu……

Whatever lah…..Lu pikir laa sendiri.

More on the Sultanate of Sulu…….

A note for me : Waiting for Chef Wan to get some recognition from the country.


  1. cldn't agree more with u rima. Skrang ni ramai sgt yg tak deserve it dpt datuk or datoship, especially yg artis2 tu. ntahlah kot2 mmg ada quota untuk para karyawan kot. I seconded u kalau chef wan dpt datukship. He well deserve it!

  2. aku agree sgt pasal isu ni...berenang kat Selat mana ntah pun boleh dpt Datuk.....

  3. Well said, Rima!

    I pun nak tergelak bila dengar some bini artis bila kena interview dok refer kat laki as Datok, and diri sendiri as Datin. Contoh: "Datok tu tak makan sambal ikan bilis..." or " Masa tu Datin sedang menyapu sampah..."

    But having said that - the 3 states where the datokship is as good as selipar di pasar malam is from Pahang, NS and Melaka. So, kalau boleh - avoid la mendapat datokship from this three states kalau tak ber-ye'yean menyumbang bakti. Buat gelak dek orang saja...

  4. I soooo agree with what you wrote here. My friends and I have discussed this issue as well. What have these singers and actors done for the country that entitled them for the datukship? I would say almost nothing significant. A friend of mine said that in the past, singers would entertain datuks, soon, it would be the datuks entertaining us...hehheheh


  5. neighbour darling, tq for coming to my house, keep in touch hokeh. My hubby love adriel very much & after you dah balik never stop talking about adriel & your MP

  6. macam2 kan skrang babe...pening kepala..and i so agreed with you...chef wan shud get the datukship kan..

  7. yeap.. i agreed with you. kebanyakkan yang terima pangat datuk2 sekarang ni we dont even know what are their contribution to the nation? just because he/she is a popular singer? or popular actor/actress? owh..please.. there no mo exclusiveness or speciality about it anymore. toleh kiri, datuk, toleh kanan, datuk. its not because we a jealous ow whatsoever, but the datukship should be given to the very right person only. as for me, nampaknya kena tunggu ada cucu la baru merasa orang nak panggil datuk. hehehhee.. peace!!!

  8. i'm very proud of Nicole David and the title really meant for all her achievement that makes us Malaysian proud.
    and also i'm waiting too for Chef Wan to get his title.

    yang lain. .macam hampeh jer kan... esp Datuk SRK ... huahuahua

  9. Dear kak Arwah uncle pun actually pernah dapat title Datuk frm Sultan Sulu..Terkejut bapak kitorang semua..hehe...tapi layankan je la cz kesian jugak kt dia cz he had worked so hard n emak cakap dah kat Malaysia susah nak dpt, biar jela dia amik kt philipines..Memang nak gelak jugak dibuatnya tapi nak buat mcmana,dah arwah pun nak...Kesian kt dia..after he had raised Variasari dulu...

    Al-Fatihah to writer, Arwah Tamar Jalis @ Jalil bin Miran

  10. Datuk from Sulu..???? bersepah Datuk/Dato' kat Malaysia ni..sampai dah jadi penjenayah pun bertitle Datuk...sori la wa tak respek la Datuk holder ni...pirahhhh...shame on u all

  11. yes! setuju 100% dgn you. Datukship from Sulu, that's funny! My dad yg dpt pingat cenonet pun kena ngadap agong (sultan johor at that time) kat istana negara. takakn la from Sultan Sulu kat Hotel je?

    Datukship kat malaysia ni pun tak boleh nak harap sgt dah. even if they were favourite singer of that Sultan. But, what did they to in term of nation's economy? Tup2 dgr dapat Dato, tp tak pernah dgr sumbangan yg besar2. Tapi yg pelik, org mcm Chef Wan tu tak dpt pulak kan?

    Yg sedih, Dato sekarang cuma tinggal gelarna je. tapi, duduk pun rumah flat. kesian.