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Sunday, October 18, 2009

28 & 29 Syawal : Towards The End Of Syawal.

Syawal's coming to an end.........and hopefully the traffic at MRR2 will be better on the weekends. Throughout Syawal , we've minimized going out on weekends coz we do not wanna be stuck in the heavy traffic. Good lah.......I can resume my Aikido again in 2 weeks. Dah lama cuti....sejak Yna exam 2nd term then sambung cuti sekolah then sambung bulan puasa pulak......raya.....syawal......until now. Time to shed those lemak-lemak suci again....hehehe!

This was what I did with Yna over the weekend........lepak kat rumah with our notebooks. Yna got to use MP's new DELL kat atas sofa......and I'll be at my work station.

I got my Pap Smear results yesterday from Dr. Ashar's clinic. Alhamdulillah , my paps normal. Next month will have to call the clinic to fix an appointment for my Implanon follow up.

On saturday , I went to one of my friend's house , Noor. I met Noor online masa I was 'featured' in in April.....hehehe! She was one of the forumer who supported me endlessly. She later became one of my blog reader and OMG! she lives just 1 lane behind my house! Took me less than a minute to reach Noor's house by car.

Noor invited me & my family to her house for raya , only us. That's so nice of her. It was the first time we've ever met & MP was a sport too. We had a good time talking & gossiping.....hahaha! We met via the net but that will not stop us from being good buddies :-)

Noor serves Laksa Johor that day. I had 2 servings......tak dak malu lah. Habis , dah kita-kita jek...we had a fair conversation about 'orang Johor' in the presence of my Johorean partner....hehehe!

Yna had 3 servings of Noor's Laksa Johor OK.......nak kena cuba buat lah.....Hmmmmm......have to think of a short cut but sedap way of preparing it , of arwah MIL dulu buat Laksa Johor guna Ikan Parang.......jenoh laa nak kena asingkan isi ikan dengan tulang belulang ikan parang yang beribu-ribu itu! Huhuhu!

Earlier my parents was supposed to come along to Noor's house but MP told me that my cousin Zamizi will be coming to the house later in the evening. So , my parents decided to stay at home to wait for my cousin. Around 6pm-ish my cousin called MP while we were at Noor's saying that they're on their way to our house. As we were leaving Noor's place , getting into the car & saying goodbye to Noor & hubby , Zamizi drove right towards us...........OK then , let's go home together!

Upon reaching home , I quickly headed to the kitchen to prepare some food. Earlier I went to Giant BA to buy some simple ingredients for my Fried Mee Hoon. Campak sana , campak sini......rendam Mee Hoon dalam air panas.......sliced my fishcakes.......washed my kucai & taugeh........within 15 minutes. Done. I didn't prepare with the cutting & what nots because I wasn't sure whether Zamizi & family will be coming today or on Sunday. Thankfully , I've got the chopped garlic , chili paste & some diced shallots ready in the fridge! That alone saves my cooking process. Macam biasa......kek Sarawak mesti ada :-)

That's my cousin Zamizi with my parents , his wifey in pink & 4 daughters! Hell......lo!

Semalam I tidur tak nyenyak betul. Sakit gigi........woke up in the middle of the nite to eat a pain killer. Sakit sangat. Hmmmm....dah memang time kena pergi dentist dah pun. Tahun lepas with my pregnancy & birth & kekwat lepas bersalin........lupa terus pasal nak pergi dentist. Sekarang ni pun tengah sakit lagi ni.....berdenyut-denyut. Dunno lah nak tidur malam ni macam mana. Subuh tadi sakit sangat , mana kena bangun sebab si Adriel merengek nak susu lagi......arrrrggggghhh! Bengkak otak siol pepagi buta!

Bila dah terjaga nak tidur balik dengan rasa sakit memang laa siksa. Takut laa nak manja kan diri asyik dok telan pain killer je.....mata mengantuk nak tidur.....tapi dok berdenyut sakit gigi.......the thing is , I tak tahu...sakit gigi ke , gusi ke , gigi yang nak kena tampal or cabut ke.......semua area dalam mulut pakat sakit belaka.....hehehe! Antara sakit & mengantuk , I betul-betul berserah je lah.......and recited Subhanallah , subhanallah , subhanallah......masuk kali ke 4 I sebut Subhanallah........macam magik......sakit yang berdeyut macam kena penampar tu.......terus hilang! I remembered smiling dalam tidur-tidur ayam tu plus saying Thank You God in my heart....and fell asleep till my tiny tot threw his bantal peluk at me! Damn! Hmmmmmm.....memang kena laa bangun.

Bila dah bangun , terus pergi bukak pintu depan *my late Grandma & my parents practice this habit*........senang rezeki masuk.......katanya. Bukak pintu je , jangan bukak dengan grill sekali.......kang monyet or perompak pulak yang masuk rumah! Tak pasal-pasal.......For breakfast on a Sunday morning making French Toast aka roti celup dengan telur.....hehehe!

I made the first 2 toasts for Yna. Just soaking 2 pieces of white bread into a plain egg mixture.......

Heated chunks of butter in the wok.......

Lightly fry the bread.......For the other batches , I added dashes of white pepper & salt to the egg mixture. It's so easy to do & very tasty too......bau rumah pagi-pagi wangi je coz of the butter.....yum!

This one's for Yna. Sapukan peanut butter on 1 slice of French Toast and generously squeezed honey on another piece. Sandwiched them and cut to bite pieces.

On the left MP punya. Just plain French Toast with his morning Green Tea.
On the right I punya. French Toast with some chili sauce with a glass of cold water.

Petang , we went for a Nasi Ayam at Al-AzMaju. Then singgah Giant to buy some groceries. Tak beli banyak , just for my Monday & Tuesday's cooking. Yna nak makan Kari Ayam esok. Bereh sokmo!


  1. roti anytime fav food. hehhee.. coz its easy & yummy..

  2. my favorite toast too ...i makan camtu je
    aroma golden churn mmg the best esp kalau buat kek/biskut

  3. Hohoho...I pun suka Laksa Johor (actually all kind of noodles laa). When I was abroad, I cooked Laksa Johor using Tuna flakes. Easy peasy! The rest lebih kurnag sama la ingredients yg I guna mcm udnag basah + udang kering. Hahahah! but maybe the taste is not as good as ikan parang la kan.Tapi, still boleh makan la! Hahahah!