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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dumb Cooking : Maggi Goreng

Still tak pergi buat marketing lagi. MP was too tired to go anywhere and I was a lazybum this week *selalu pun malas*..........Malas or not nak kena makan ke dapur lah juga. Nak masak apa ni?

Dalam freezer yang ada cuma some Breakfast Beef Strips 3 peket. Maggi 4 bungkus......

Ada kucai sikit dalam fridge , ada telur 3 biji lagi..........Hmmmmm.....buat Maggi Goreng je lah.

Nak masak cepat-cepat coz nak sambung main game....hehehe! Masukkan beef strips yang keras macam batu tu dalam microwave , set to high for 3 minutes.

While the beef's in the microwave , buat scrambled eggs & set aside.

Then I quickly guntingkan the beef strips..........

In the wok , panas minyak & tumis chopped garlic & 3 packets of bumbu Maggi even though am using 4 packets of Maggi Mee. Add some water. Then in goes light & dark soy sauce + kicap manis ABC.

Bila sauce dah mendidih , in goes the beef strips & cook it a bit longer. I didn't use any salt or fish sauce coz the seasonings used is salty enough for my taste buds.

Masukkan kucai & Maggi mee together.........

Mixed well , bila kucai dah layu sikit,,,,,,,heat off. At this point , masukkan telur........gaul , gaul , gaul.........

At last......within 15 minutes , am done cooking. Ambilkan sepinggan untuk MP dalam pinggan oren favourite dia.......boleh sambung main game......later-later baru I makan.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Last Friday

Sehari dua ni malas betul nak menulis.......dok ralit main game kat FB. Plus I took the time to go through & screen my posts at BBB2 then hantar the selected posts to my mate in Uncle Sam to process it. Bila time I tidur dia buat kerja , bila time dia tidur I buat kerja........benua lain , tu yang ambil masa sikit tu........

We headed to McD MRR2 for lunch. Ramai jugak orang during lunch time kat sini. Kat McD mesti kena makan my fav , McD's french fries with chili sauce and sprinkle it with some black pepper.

This is one of the reason to eat at McD today....hehehe! I've already collected 12 Coke glasses. Cukup laa kot....

After months tak pergi Aikido start dari sebelum puasa lagi......hari ni keluarkan uniform Aikido for tomorrow. Esok mesti kena pergi. Musttttttttttttttt!

This is actually a birthday present for Yna. Her own debit card , NexG from AmBank. November nanti birthday dia so I'll top-up some money for her to go on a shopping spree to buy her own birthday presents. All she has to do is sign the charge slip herself. MP said that am spoiling her...........hmmmm.........So?

My Favourite Song : YOU MUST LOVE ME

I recently introduced another of my favourite pop star to Yna.......Madonna. She loves Madonna & picking up on her songs while watching her concerts on DVDs. Today after school she was watching Madonna's DVD on TV and I was on my notebook.........I can't help but to sing to her old tunes till You Must Love Me was sang out loud by Madonna.

I remembered that when I was pregnant with Yna, I love to dance. Every nite before I go to sleep I'll put on latin numbers by the Gypsy Kings and dance non-stop till I'm tired with my bulging tummy. I just love to dance anything latino at that time. My favourite movie at that time was Evita. I watched the movie over and over again as I just adore the courage , spirit & the love that Eva Peron showed. It became very influential to me as a woman. I'll listen to the song You Must Love Me repeatedly........The song has simple tune and yet a very powerful message. I recorded only that song to a CD so that it'll play continuously. At times tears will come down naturally while singing the song.......Every woman with a big heart and has loads of love and passion to give will feel this song........I certainly did.

On the morning of 28th November 2001 , after my dancing routine......I watched Evita till the wee hours. About an hour after that.........I had labour pain , my own little Evita is on her way out! Yep , I gave birth to Yna after singing myself to sleep listening to You Must Love Me.

Today when I listen to the song again after not hearing it for so so long.............I was choking while singing the song trying hard to hold my tears.....but I can't. Now the song has mixed meanings to me. Wanting to get hold of one thing but at the same I very much wanna let go of another........hahhhhhhhh!

Life has to go on no matter's a phase of life that I have to go through without questioning Him. Hard , but He knows. I know He is testing my faith before granting me with total happiness later in life. I'm not complaining but waiting patiently for the day to come. I thanked God for giving me this new found love , be it silently , be it just by myself........I'm so thankful that He gave me love..........a big love to hold on to and to look forward to.

A note for me : HE must have loved me to give such a tremendous test of faith. This song gave me a bigger sense of love between myself & my creator in my journey to find the love of my life.

"You Must Love Me"

Where do we go from here?
This isn't where we intended to be
We had it all, you believed in me
I believed in you

Certainties disappear
What do we do for our dream to survive?
How do we keep all our passions alive,
As we used to do?


Deep in my heart I'm concealing
Things that I'm longing to say
Scared to confess what I'm feeling
Frightened you'll slip away


You must love me
You must love me


Why are you at my side?
How can I be any use to you now?
Give me a chance and I'll let you see how
Nothing has changed


You must love me.........

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dumb Cooking : Ikan - Telur - Sausage

Selalunya MP jarang beli breakfast for me but this morning he bought Nasi Lemak for me. Hmmmmm....dia dah beli , kena laa makan , nanti sentap pulak kalau I tak makan padahal dia tahu I don't take or jarang ambil heavy breakfast at home kecuali when we're on holidays. Lepas MP dah pergi kerja baru I makan. Tu pun dalam pukul 11am macam tu. Makan depan laptop.........

Habis............hehehe! My habit of eating nasi lemak bungkus,,,,,,,,mesti letak kicap manis , gaul all the sambal & kicap together...........tak kira lah sambal dia pedas ke tak......I will gaul dulu baru makan. Habit dari zaman sekolah. Tiap-tiap pagi I will eat 2 bungkus nasi lemak ciput bawah tiang bendera kat badminton court with Kak Aida & gang.......hahaha! Kicap tak de laa tapi mesti gaul semua sambal nasi lemak dulu baru makan.

Dalam freezer dah kering. Tinggal ikan selar ni 4 ekor je. Hmmmmmm.....dok pikir nak masak apa.......Asam pedas lah. Daun kesum ada lagi sikit.

Using my favourite Asam Fish paste , in goes 1 packet of asam fish paste in the pot + 1 table spoon of chili paste + 1 batang serai. Add water & heat on. Let it boil then add daun kesum , salt & sugar to taste.

Then add some cucumber *coz terung or bendi tak de* , add fish & cherry tomatoes........all at 1 go. Senang. I have to cook fast coz si kenit sorang-sorang tengah tidur kat atas.

When the fish is done , I added more daun kesum........biarkan around 1 more minute........that's it. I'm done.

Next nak goreng telur dadar je. Nak habiskan bawang hiris kat dalam fridge ni........I pecahkan 5 biji telur & added few dashes of oyster sauce. Tak letak garam coz the oyster sauce dah cukup masin for me. Kalau MP , mesti dia letak garam lari.......dia PE - MA - SIN!!!!!!


Next I nak stir fry some sausages.

Some cooking oil & garlic.....add sausages & goreng sampai masak.

Then dashes of oyster sauce & kicap manis ABC. Add onions , spring onions & chili all at 1 go and stir fry 'em all.

Hehehe! Am done! Under 30 minutes of cooking today. Now I have to run upstairs to check on my baby.

Food Court Carrefour

Semalam MP called suruh I pergi ambil Yna........alamak......malasnya. Malas sebab kena angkut Adriel sekali. No choice , kena gerak jugak.

Tanya Yna nak makan apa & dia kata nak makan hot plate mee yang kat Carrefour Wangsa Maju. OK lah , bawak dia pergi sana. On the way there , MP called again telling me that MacLaren Adriel ada kat dalam Waja dia. Alamak! Macam mana nak bawak Adik Mok? Tak larat I nak dukung dia dari car park to the food court.......Alhamdulillah , parking was near the entrance. Bila I keluar kereta I ternampak 1 trolley yang tak bertuan. Ada coin lagi kat dalam trolley tu......rezeki. Thank you God. Thank you , you heard me *smile*. I pun pergi ambil trolley tu and letak Adik Mok kat dalam trolley. Selamat.

Ni laa yang si Yna teringin nak makan. I punya kena letak 2 bekas cili padi potong......mix 'em with the gravy......... marvellous!

Lepas makan kat food court , I tapau nasi campur for MP. Then masuk Carrefour kejap beli Butter Marble cake......Yna nak Bread & Butter pudding. Seketul cake RM1. Seketul pudding RM2. Bought 3 of each. Ahhhhh!!! Simply heaven.