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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mi Casa

Salam peeps! Welcome back to my new 'bullet proof' home.....hehehe! *Insya'allah* Come visit me & my family & my friends at this new blog home.....anytime.

As usual I'll be trashing my thoughts & rambles here and like I always said,,,,,,,,absorb & indulge on the good things that you read & see here but please , please , please discard what's not agreeable to you.

Here are my thoughts for this first entry at this new home of mine.......Always make your life easy for you , yourself , your mind , your body & your soul first before thinking of doing it for others. My dad once told me , "Biar orang lain mati , jangan kita yang mati" and I hold on to what he said ever since.

Everything starts from you not others. Always believe that there's a solution to every screw ups that happens to you in this world but you have to be patient......think.....and execute. Taking actions accompanied with anger & rage will not do you any good. Always be at peace with yourself & your soul coz it's very important. When I can't find the nerves to be at peace with myself , with the help of instantly thinking of a peaceful figure or a happy situation in my mind , I'm able to relax. It works wonders for me ;-) It should do you some good too I believe.

No matter how you think your life sucks , find alternatives to make yourself happy. You have to change things for yourself. No one can do it for you. Be in love , always.........I am ;-) You know what , here's my secret........there are things that I don't like in my life right row. There are things that's imperfect in my life right what do I do? I don't want to feel sad about it. Here's what I my mind , I have this picture of a romantic & intimate relationship , a blissfully happy family ties , an imaginary gorgeous home , me driving my dream cars....yes,,,,,,cars , a bank account that's full of cash.........endless.......When I'm gloomy , I escape to this perfect world that I've created in my mind.......that is my secret to happiness. Who says you can't have everything you want? Yes You Can,,,,,,,,be it in your mind , it is yours!

Be a happy person , a happy spirit , a happy soul.......and the rest will follow , Insya'allah. Most important , always talk to Him. Tell Him what you want. Tell Him what you don't want. He can hear you. He knows everything within you. Trust Him coz He will never fail you. Amin.

A note for me : Looking forward to a blissfully happy future.........

NOTE : Email me at if you wanna read my past blogs. If you've been an avid reader , you'll know the answers to the simple questions that I'll be asking before granting you with the password *wink*


  1. yeah r right.. be a happy person, happy spirit & happy soul.. well, i did email you. waiting to answer those Q's hehhehe... love ya!

  2. saya worries about the Q's. You're in already :-) Love u 2 , love u 3 , love u 4.....hehehe!

  3. U such a very2 positive person..Really love your enthusiasm akak..cayalah

    p/s..nak love n hug ramai2 jugak..hehe